Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be My Valentine!

Valentines was wonderful wonderful wonderful.  I can not express in words what a great time we had, but here comes my attempt now.

Our weekend getaway started Saturday afternoon.  Brock went ice fishing in the morning with Cody, so while he was gone it gave me a good chance to pack up all of his things, wrap his presents, and hide everything snuggly in the trunk before he got home.  So then when he came back, all I had tell him was to get ready and get in the car.  He had no idea we were going anywhere over night, because he didn't have a packed bag (well, as far as he knew... :) )

I drove, which is strange because I NEVER drive.  But this made it so he had no idea where we were headed.  We drove to Ogden, and got off an exit there, and he was like, "What in the world are we doing in Ogden?!" Ha ha ha, but then I took us up Ogden canyon a ways, so then he got really confused, because that road takes you right to Jackson Hole.  And I told him the place we were going started with the letter "J." Ha.  But, then I pulled in to our destination, Jackson Fork Inn, which is not in Jackson Hole, it's in a little mountainous place called Harrisville.  And it was the cutest little bed & breakfast ever.

Our room was the best. Two floors, a balcony, a spiral staircase, and the most exciting part was that there was a hot tub right smack in our room!  Everything was really vintage looking too, which is totally my style. LOVED IT.

When we got there, we just hung out for a while...wandered around and checked out the place, watched Seinfeld, layed on the bed for a bit... Then I remembered that he might want to wear his present to dinner, so I let him open it before we went.  It was a new watch, and he loved it, which made me really happy.  He's never had a watch, so I decided it was about time to invest in one.  Oh, except he does have this old pocket watch from his grandpa, which is pretty awesome, but I think he probably shouldn't start using that thing until we're about 70 or so.  Just another 58 years to go...

Then we got all fancied up for dinner, which was miraculously just downstairs. Yeah, the bed & breakfast had a restarant!  It was really rustic looking, with a big old-time fire place, and wooden everything.   And our dinner was nothing less than perfect--teriaki glazed salmon, alaskan halibut, wild rice, rye bread, and steamed vegetables.  Delish! And just to put the cherry on top, we ordered a bottle of champagne and chocolate lava cake.  The lava cake brought back fond memories of our honeymoon, because on the cruise ship, we ordered that every night!  No wonder we each came back 8 pounds heavier!

After dinner, we went back to our room and took our half drank bottle of champagne with us.  We switched more presents when we got back--Brock gave me the most comfortable pajama pants in the world, with little love words all over them, and my favorite Dove milk chocolates.  And I gave him a couple of shirts I'd made for him at Creative Threads.  Oh, and just to let you know, Brock had already given me roses on Friday, and bought me new snow clothes the weekend before.  They were early Valentine presents :)  My little sweet thing had Valentine's going all week long!

The next day was pretty laid back--ate yummy biscotti, drank coffee, took a long bath in the ginormous hot tub, watched movies...Then we headed home, which was very sad.  I could just live in that place, honestly!

When we went home, we were going to head straight to the Maurer's cabin in Bear Lake to go snowmobiling (with my new cute snow clothes!), but turned out that the roads were too bad, and my little Saturn wouldn't be able to make it up there.  So we ended up snowmobiling on the old family snow mobile around the fields, which was still fun, and we got in Brock's family's hot tub too.  That night I made chicken parmesan for the first time, which turned out pretty well, so I was kind of proud of myself.   I made spaghetti with it too, and put out candles, and decorated our room with rose petals.

Yay for Valentines Day!