Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost 35 Weeks!

Wow, we are really rockin' and rollin' now!  I can't believe how much time has passed with this little baby in my belly!  Only 5 1/2 more short weeks, and we will be parents, wow that is so crazy to think about!  It almost doesn't feel real even though the nursery is nearly completed, and he has a million cute little things that everyone so kindly gave us at the baby showers :) You guys are the best!

Brock just got done refinishing the baby changing table, and it looks wonderful!  Now I just need to complete the finishing touches, and it will be done!  I am going to put denim fabric down on the three shelves, because that'll match cute with the room.  

Jackson now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz).  And he weighs approx. 4.4 lbs (about the size of a cantaloupe!), and he is about 18 inches long.  It is incredible to me that somehow he fits inside of my belly!  There is a little human in there :)

It is crazy that he could be born anytime now.  Babies born anytime after 34 weeks are generally healthy, and do just as well as full-term babies.  I don't feel like it's going to happen anytime too soon, because I haven't felt any sort of contractions or anything (or so I think!  I guess I don't know what they feel like).

Here is what's happening with me:

I have been short of breath, and had heartburn a lot lately.  It's become really hard to get out of low chairs, and roll over in bed.  I also feel pretty tired most of the time, so the doctor is having me take an iron supplement, which I think is helping a little bit.

I find myself waddling as I get my Christmas shopping done, ha ha!  I see my reflection in the big glass doors sometimes and can't help but laugh at how funny I look.

A couple weeks ago, I was at a sushi restaurant, and they had these big pretty wooden wardrobers that were like 6x6 ft.  They were pretty close to our table and as I went to sit down, I turned around quickly and my belly bonked the wardrober, and it came toppling down! SO EMBARRASSING!  I turned around, and the whole section of people near our table were kind of laughing, and I looked down at my belly and said, "I just don't remember how big it is sometimes!"  Then everyone laughed more.  It was pretty embarrassing when it happened, but now it's kind of a funny story.  That dang belly of mine!     

I had a second ultrasound a little over 2 weeks ago, and everything went great!  They had me do a second one, because they thought my placenta was low (eek!), but turns out I have a perfectly normal amount (yay!)  So we got to see Little Jack in there again, and he is just as cute as can be!  There is one picture they sent us home with, where you can see his face pretty well, and I'm just in love with his little button nose.  He's gonna be so cute!  I can't wait to see him! 

My right side ribs have been giving me a lot of pain lately.  Might be due to a pulled ligament, the baby pushing on my liver, my uterus tipping to the right, or one of Jackson's little feet stuck in between them!  Or a combination of some of those things.  This has probably been the hardest part of my pregnancy so far : /  It's feeling so so much better now, but for about 4 days at the beginning of this week, I just thought I was going to die.  Literally.  No not really, but it hurt really really bad.  I am hoping that it doesn't get that bad again!

A few weeks ago my friends Bobbi and Jennifer threw me my second baby shower in Murray.  (Thanks girls!)  It was perfect!  They hung a cute clothes line across the room, with little baby clothes hanging from it :)  And they had tons of delicious food: pomegranates, mini deli sandwiches, eclairs, cream soda (my fave!), and lots of vegetables.  I learned how to make homemade baby wipes, and got a million wonderful presents for baby.  We got a beautiful matching car seat and stroller, which we desperately needed, lots of fun clothes, a Boppy, bathtime toys, blankies,  and lots of other cute things! It was really good to see all of my old girlfriends!

The cute clothesline

The tummy yummies

The adorable car seat & stroller

Kaylee Bug & Grandma Bird

My sisters

Me & Amanda

Sandy & Megan (my mother and sister-in-law) just threw me my last baby shower, which turned out really great too!  We got a lot of things we still needed: baby monitor, bottle sterilizer, some books, diapers, a teddy bear...And a lot of really fun stuff too: knit blanky, baby snow boots, some more shoes, scrapbook, book of baby crafts, and lots of super cute clothes!  Sandy made delicious pumpkin rolls with cream cheese, and homemade spiced cider. YUM!  We had it at the clubhouse in our neighborhood, which was perfect!  Everyone just hung out on the couches, and chit-chatted.  I think everyone had a really good time :)

My cute sister-in-law Megan 

The present table :)

Tricia & Me