Sunday, October 24, 2010

31 Weeks

Wow, we are really moving along! The time is flying by quicker and quicker, and it's crazy to me that we only have a teeny over 2 months to go.

Jackson is bigger than a cabbage now, weighing over 3 pounds!  And he is over 15 inches long.

Now I feel him kicking, squirming, and rolling around on a regular basis.  I have even seen a body part or two poking out of my tummy!  AMAZING! (But also very strange at the same time...) There is a human in there!  Sometimes it's just unbelieveable to me that I could actually be growing a person in my belly!

I am feeling more and more uncomfortable as I get closer to my due date.  Lower back pain, sore ribs, swollen feet... :( But I hear this is completely normal, so I am just patiently waiting for it all to go away!  I am also having a very hard time sleeping.  I can usually get to sleep after an hour or so of laying there, but then I always wake up sometime between 3-4am, and can't get back to sleep!  Some days I even get up and get some stuff done around the house, hey, might as well be productive if all I'm going to do is lay there.  But other times I just try and try to get back to sleep, but usually to to avail.  Or if I do finally drift off, it's usually not too long before I need to be up. That would happen!  I did finally catch up this weekend though, which will be good for the week to come.  Friday I slept for almost 8 hours, and last night for almost 10! Woo hoo! Go me!

Times have been busy but fun!  My mom threw me my first baby shower on the 16th, and it was a blast. We got everything from whale-shaped baby bathtubs, to musical projectors to hang in the crib.  It just amazes me all of the fun things that are out there for babies now.  Our little Jackson is going to be spoiled rotten-wait, he already is!

My mom's best friends

Me and my old girlfriends Shalese & Lyndsi 

Me and my bestie Jas

Oh Grandma, don't cry!

Mom hard at work!

My cute mother-in-law Sandy

Mom made us delicious homemade navajo tacos! YUM!

It was a BIG group!

Cute cousins playing with the bunny

It was a long day for Harey too..

Opening presents (cute Darla in the back!)