Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well, we've tried nearly every trick in the book (minus the castor oil, that one a little freaks me out!)  We tried the spiciest Mexican food we could find, loose leaf red raspberry tea,warm bath, walking, rolling bath and forth on an exercise ball, massage,  and two other things that I don't want to mention on here (lol!), but it looks like this baby is just gonna come when he's good and ready!

Our last doctor's appointment was on Wednesday,  doctor guessed that Jackson weighs between 7.5 and 8 pounds!  (the size of a small watermelon) I lost a pound since my last appointment, yeah didn't know that could happen, but I guess it's normal near the end of your pregnancy.  Don't get me wrong though, that's great!  I don't want to gain anything else!  I am dilated to a two, 80% effaced, and the baby is positioned at a -1.  So pretty much, we are ready to roll if I could just start having some contractions already!  I have been having them spuratically, but that's about it.  Oh, except on Friday I had about four an hour for a couple of hours...That was as close as they've gotten.  We thought for sure that was going to be it.  That they would slowly just get closer and closer together, but I went to bed, woke up, and sadly they were gone :(

Now it looks like we're just going to have to learn some patience.  Maybe it will make me a better mother...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost 35 Weeks!

Wow, we are really rockin' and rollin' now!  I can't believe how much time has passed with this little baby in my belly!  Only 5 1/2 more short weeks, and we will be parents, wow that is so crazy to think about!  It almost doesn't feel real even though the nursery is nearly completed, and he has a million cute little things that everyone so kindly gave us at the baby showers :) You guys are the best!

Brock just got done refinishing the baby changing table, and it looks wonderful!  Now I just need to complete the finishing touches, and it will be done!  I am going to put denim fabric down on the three shelves, because that'll match cute with the room.  

Jackson now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz).  And he weighs approx. 4.4 lbs (about the size of a cantaloupe!), and he is about 18 inches long.  It is incredible to me that somehow he fits inside of my belly!  There is a little human in there :)

It is crazy that he could be born anytime now.  Babies born anytime after 34 weeks are generally healthy, and do just as well as full-term babies.  I don't feel like it's going to happen anytime too soon, because I haven't felt any sort of contractions or anything (or so I think!  I guess I don't know what they feel like).

Here is what's happening with me:

I have been short of breath, and had heartburn a lot lately.  It's become really hard to get out of low chairs, and roll over in bed.  I also feel pretty tired most of the time, so the doctor is having me take an iron supplement, which I think is helping a little bit.

I find myself waddling as I get my Christmas shopping done, ha ha!  I see my reflection in the big glass doors sometimes and can't help but laugh at how funny I look.

A couple weeks ago, I was at a sushi restaurant, and they had these big pretty wooden wardrobers that were like 6x6 ft.  They were pretty close to our table and as I went to sit down, I turned around quickly and my belly bonked the wardrober, and it came toppling down! SO EMBARRASSING!  I turned around, and the whole section of people near our table were kind of laughing, and I looked down at my belly and said, "I just don't remember how big it is sometimes!"  Then everyone laughed more.  It was pretty embarrassing when it happened, but now it's kind of a funny story.  That dang belly of mine!     

I had a second ultrasound a little over 2 weeks ago, and everything went great!  They had me do a second one, because they thought my placenta was low (eek!), but turns out I have a perfectly normal amount (yay!)  So we got to see Little Jack in there again, and he is just as cute as can be!  There is one picture they sent us home with, where you can see his face pretty well, and I'm just in love with his little button nose.  He's gonna be so cute!  I can't wait to see him! 

My right side ribs have been giving me a lot of pain lately.  Might be due to a pulled ligament, the baby pushing on my liver, my uterus tipping to the right, or one of Jackson's little feet stuck in between them!  Or a combination of some of those things.  This has probably been the hardest part of my pregnancy so far : /  It's feeling so so much better now, but for about 4 days at the beginning of this week, I just thought I was going to die.  Literally.  No not really, but it hurt really really bad.  I am hoping that it doesn't get that bad again!

A few weeks ago my friends Bobbi and Jennifer threw me my second baby shower in Murray.  (Thanks girls!)  It was perfect!  They hung a cute clothes line across the room, with little baby clothes hanging from it :)  And they had tons of delicious food: pomegranates, mini deli sandwiches, eclairs, cream soda (my fave!), and lots of vegetables.  I learned how to make homemade baby wipes, and got a million wonderful presents for baby.  We got a beautiful matching car seat and stroller, which we desperately needed, lots of fun clothes, a Boppy, bathtime toys, blankies,  and lots of other cute things! It was really good to see all of my old girlfriends!

The cute clothesline

The tummy yummies

The adorable car seat & stroller

Kaylee Bug & Grandma Bird

My sisters

Me & Amanda

Sandy & Megan (my mother and sister-in-law) just threw me my last baby shower, which turned out really great too!  We got a lot of things we still needed: baby monitor, bottle sterilizer, some books, diapers, a teddy bear...And a lot of really fun stuff too: knit blanky, baby snow boots, some more shoes, scrapbook, book of baby crafts, and lots of super cute clothes!  Sandy made delicious pumpkin rolls with cream cheese, and homemade spiced cider. YUM!  We had it at the clubhouse in our neighborhood, which was perfect!  Everyone just hung out on the couches, and chit-chatted.  I think everyone had a really good time :)

My cute sister-in-law Megan 

The present table :)

Tricia & Me

Sunday, October 24, 2010

31 Weeks

Wow, we are really moving along! The time is flying by quicker and quicker, and it's crazy to me that we only have a teeny over 2 months to go.

Jackson is bigger than a cabbage now, weighing over 3 pounds!  And he is over 15 inches long.

Now I feel him kicking, squirming, and rolling around on a regular basis.  I have even seen a body part or two poking out of my tummy!  AMAZING! (But also very strange at the same time...) There is a human in there!  Sometimes it's just unbelieveable to me that I could actually be growing a person in my belly!

I am feeling more and more uncomfortable as I get closer to my due date.  Lower back pain, sore ribs, swollen feet... :( But I hear this is completely normal, so I am just patiently waiting for it all to go away!  I am also having a very hard time sleeping.  I can usually get to sleep after an hour or so of laying there, but then I always wake up sometime between 3-4am, and can't get back to sleep!  Some days I even get up and get some stuff done around the house, hey, might as well be productive if all I'm going to do is lay there.  But other times I just try and try to get back to sleep, but usually to to avail.  Or if I do finally drift off, it's usually not too long before I need to be up. That would happen!  I did finally catch up this weekend though, which will be good for the week to come.  Friday I slept for almost 8 hours, and last night for almost 10! Woo hoo! Go me!

Times have been busy but fun!  My mom threw me my first baby shower on the 16th, and it was a blast. We got everything from whale-shaped baby bathtubs, to musical projectors to hang in the crib.  It just amazes me all of the fun things that are out there for babies now.  Our little Jackson is going to be spoiled rotten-wait, he already is!

My mom's best friends

Me and my old girlfriends Shalese & Lyndsi 

Me and my bestie Jas

Oh Grandma, don't cry!

Mom hard at work!

My cute mother-in-law Sandy

Mom made us delicious homemade navajo tacos! YUM!

It was a BIG group!

Cute cousins playing with the bunny

It was a long day for Harey too..

Opening presents (cute Darla in the back!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

25 Weeks! & Other Fun Things...

So we have passed the 6 month mark, and into the 3rd tri I go! Jackson is kicking and kicking and kicking...maybe he'll be a kick boxer someday? ;) I am loving feeling him in there though!

I read yesterday that if I could see into my belly, Jackson now has enough hair that I could tell what color it is!  I am so curious to see what our beautiful baby boy will look like!  Brock and I have voted that hopefully he gets Brock's ears, because lets face it, Brock has good ears, and mine, well, we don't even want to talk about mine...And hopefully he gets my nose, because apparently that's my best feature.  I remember one time when I was probably 15, and me and all my little girldfriends were out to lunch.  We started having this conversation about what we liked about each others features and what we didn't like (big mistake!)  I haven't been able to forget what people said about me my whole life!  Of course the bad things are always easier to remember than the good (sadly!)... But I do remember one good thing, and it was just my nose. Ha ha. I used to be pretty disappointed that that was the only good feature I had back then ha ha.

Jackson now weighs about a pound and a half, and is approx. 13 1/2 inches long.  Apparently he weighs as much as a rutabaga (whatever that is!)  I googled it, and this is the picture that came up.  Never seen one in my life!

I am feeling huger and huger! And am obviously looking that way too!  Brock says that if he sees me from behind he can't even tell that I am prego, but then when I turn to the side, it's like WA-BANG! Lol.

Brock and I have been trying to stay busy, and have some fun with each other (and our friends!) before the baby gets here.  Last Friday Jas & I got together and made delicious fruity dessert crepes!  They were soooo good! Nothing beats Nutella, cream cheese, powdered sugar, kiwis, and strawberries! And Saturday we went to another demolition derby, but this one was in Logan, and it was way bigger than the last one we went to!  It was a double date with our friends Jasmine & Bryce (who we love!)

Sunday, we were big bums and just lounged around the entire day.  I think Brock didn't even get out of bed until 2:30 pm! He's been working really hard though, so he deserves it! 


Saturday, September 4, 2010

More scrapping!

All honeymoon pages...almost done! 

This was at this little bar in Ensenada.  It was $5 for two Coronas, and two shots of tequila!  Not anywhere in the U.S. could you find that! We had to drink them as fast as we could while this Mexican guy blew a whistle.  It was really fun! 
This was right before we went on the submarine on Catalina Island.  The submarine was pretty cool, it was half above water, and half under. So we could see all the fish, but we could also go stand on the top deck.
Shopping in Mexico was a blast! Coconut, jewelry, hats, cigars, sunglasses, purses, illegal prescriptions (haha, we didn't buy any of these, but they sure tried to sell them to us!)...
The blow hole in Mexico was really amazing to see!  We went on a bus with a tour guide (where we met all these fun people who we spent the rest of our day with.) The blow hole is natural marine geyser that shoots water over 60 feet in the air! La Bufadora is the second largest marine geyser in the world, next to the one in Oahu, Hawaii. It's caused by ocean waves being forced into a partially submerged sea cavern, causing great amounts of air and water pressure to build. The air and ocean water are expelled through the only exit, launching it several stories into the air.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

22 Weeks- THE KICK!

I FELT JACKSON KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't describe how excited I was laying in my bed at 6 am yesterday morning.  I felt what felt like a kick, but I couldn't be sure, because I thought, "Hey, it's 6o'clock in the morning, and maybe I'm delirious...?" Ha ha. But then I was sure I felt it AGAIN.  And then, to totally reassure me, he did it again last night when Brock and I were laying on our couch watching t.v.  I said, "Sweetie! Sweetie! Feel!"  So he put his hand on my belly, and sure enough he felt it too! I wasn't crazy after all!  It was the most amazing feeling in the whole world!  Now I hope he does it all the time!  I love the reassurance of knowing he is safe & sound in my belly.

Jackson is now the size of a spaghetti squash, which Brock thinks is funny because he loves spaghetti squash.  That is pretty big; no wonder I can feel him in there! Oh, and he weighs about 1 pound.  :) That is crazy to me, because I think my twin brother and sister only weighed about 4 pounds when they were born.  He even has tiny tooth buds now-Wow!

Everyone keeps giving us the most adorable baby clothes!  He is going to be one stylin' baby I tell you what!  This past weekend my mom couldn't resist, and gave us a new camouflage onesie that has a little fuzzy moose on it.  It says, "Wild About Grandma!" So adorable!  And Darla (my second mom) said she had to give us a few outfits, so that it would give her an excuse to go buy more :)  She gave us the cutest little snuggie I ever saw!  It's one of those footless onesie things that is so snuggly and soft.  I just wanted to hug it!  She also got us a camo outfit she got from Sturgis, that has a little matching visor, and a onesie that says, "I love my mom!"  Jackson is going to look like his dad the second he comes into this world.  He already has 3 camo outfits!  One from my Brock's mom that she got at Cabela's (it's the real deal, Mossy Oak and all!), and then the two from our other moms :)

We got the crib all set up, and it looks amazing! Even better than I expected it would.  The nursery is coming together nicely.  Its still got a long ways to go, but I'm liking how it looks so far.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend in the Big S.L.

This weekend was soooo much fun! Brock and I were finally able to make it down to Salt Lake to see the family (who I missed dearly!) It had been about 2 months since I'd been down, and even longer for Brock! It was a well anticipated and needed mini-trip for us!

Friday night Brock was exhausted from working a 60-hour work week (wow!), but he still drove us down there anyway (thank you honey!) We didn't end up getting there until probably 9 or so, because we wanted to eat at Maddox in Brigham City on our way, and then we got stuck in construction! Surprise surprise. When we finally got there, we visited with our family for a couple hours, and then headed off to bed. Derek and Kaylee (my twin 16-year-old brother and sister) had both got braces since the last time we saw them, and Casie (my 18-year-old sister) had started 3 new jobs (you go girl!) It was so good to see them!

My sweet Grandma & Papa Bird came to visit us Saturday morning.  I had missed them so much!  They brought us a tortoise they found, so that was kinda cool.  We ended up giving it to my little cousin Gage.  They caught us up on what they'd been doing, and we gave them all the baby updates (which was a very long list of course!) 

After they left we went and visited my sweet cousin Brandy, who is recovering from Cancer. She just quit radiation and they're going to do another MRI in two months.  I pray everything goes well! She is such a sweet girl.  She offered to give us a bunch of her baby stuff she doesn't need anymore, which we really appreciate!  We got to see her two little munchkins as well, which was really fun! They are getting bigger by the minute! Little Jazzy copied everything her big brother did, which was adorable.  It made me so excited to have kids of my own, and really excited that they will always have a big brother to copy :)  I always wished that I had a big brother to take care of me.  Good thing I had a great dad instead!

Me & My Second Mommy
Saturday night we had the most fun.  It was actually the main reason we went down to Salt Lake.  My mom and all her best friends play Bunco (a fun dice game) once a month, and this month was couple's night!  They had a couple who couldn't make it, so Brock and I were their replacements.  It was an absolute blast!  It was at my mom's best friend Darla's (who I call "Second Mom") house. She made lasagna, and Brock and I's favorite thing ever--her all-famous queso chip dip!  We eat that stuff like it's going out of style!  We played the game (neither of us won sadly, but Mom did!), and everyone got tipsy (except me of course!)  After we all danced around to loud music, and I fell asleep on the swinging chair in the backyard (Hey, Jackson sucks up all my energy, ok?!) Overall it was a very fun time.

Love this picture! Dad & my step-mom Melanie
Darla, Melanie, Mom, Leslie

Brock & Terry 

Me & Sydney 
My Uncle Kevin & some guy I didn't know...

When I zonked out 
Mom & Me

Sunday we relaxed the morning away...ate yummy pancakes and read the newspaper.  That afternoon we headed back over to Darla's place for another party, and more chip dip!  It was her husband, Sheldon, and her son, Brody's birthdays.  It was good to see everyone again.

I'm glad we got to spend so much time with all the people we care about! I wish we could do it more often!