Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend in the Big S.L.

This weekend was soooo much fun! Brock and I were finally able to make it down to Salt Lake to see the family (who I missed dearly!) It had been about 2 months since I'd been down, and even longer for Brock! It was a well anticipated and needed mini-trip for us!

Friday night Brock was exhausted from working a 60-hour work week (wow!), but he still drove us down there anyway (thank you honey!) We didn't end up getting there until probably 9 or so, because we wanted to eat at Maddox in Brigham City on our way, and then we got stuck in construction! Surprise surprise. When we finally got there, we visited with our family for a couple hours, and then headed off to bed. Derek and Kaylee (my twin 16-year-old brother and sister) had both got braces since the last time we saw them, and Casie (my 18-year-old sister) had started 3 new jobs (you go girl!) It was so good to see them!

My sweet Grandma & Papa Bird came to visit us Saturday morning.  I had missed them so much!  They brought us a tortoise they found, so that was kinda cool.  We ended up giving it to my little cousin Gage.  They caught us up on what they'd been doing, and we gave them all the baby updates (which was a very long list of course!) 

After they left we went and visited my sweet cousin Brandy, who is recovering from Cancer. She just quit radiation and they're going to do another MRI in two months.  I pray everything goes well! She is such a sweet girl.  She offered to give us a bunch of her baby stuff she doesn't need anymore, which we really appreciate!  We got to see her two little munchkins as well, which was really fun! They are getting bigger by the minute! Little Jazzy copied everything her big brother did, which was adorable.  It made me so excited to have kids of my own, and really excited that they will always have a big brother to copy :)  I always wished that I had a big brother to take care of me.  Good thing I had a great dad instead!

Me & My Second Mommy
Saturday night we had the most fun.  It was actually the main reason we went down to Salt Lake.  My mom and all her best friends play Bunco (a fun dice game) once a month, and this month was couple's night!  They had a couple who couldn't make it, so Brock and I were their replacements.  It was an absolute blast!  It was at my mom's best friend Darla's (who I call "Second Mom") house. She made lasagna, and Brock and I's favorite thing ever--her all-famous queso chip dip!  We eat that stuff like it's going out of style!  We played the game (neither of us won sadly, but Mom did!), and everyone got tipsy (except me of course!)  After we all danced around to loud music, and I fell asleep on the swinging chair in the backyard (Hey, Jackson sucks up all my energy, ok?!) Overall it was a very fun time.

Love this picture! Dad & my step-mom Melanie
Darla, Melanie, Mom, Leslie

Brock & Terry 

Me & Sydney 
My Uncle Kevin & some guy I didn't know...

When I zonked out 
Mom & Me

Sunday we relaxed the morning away...ate yummy pancakes and read the newspaper.  That afternoon we headed back over to Darla's place for another party, and more chip dip!  It was her husband, Sheldon, and her son, Brody's birthdays.  It was good to see everyone again.

I'm glad we got to spend so much time with all the people we care about! I wish we could do it more often!