Friday, August 27, 2010

Demo Derby

So my first experience at a demolition derby was a good one.  I'm not sure exactly why we like to watch cars ram into each other, and I'm also not sure how safe this can be (especially considering the fact that one of the girls, yes "girls" lost her tire!), but for some reason it is exciting to watch.

It was me, Brock, and our good friend Jasmine who went.  We weren't exactly sure where it was at (just knew it was somewhere around Bear Lake), so I googled it, and found out it was in Montpelier.  So we drove clear out there, past Paris (I wish it was the Paris you're thinking of...), and finally get out to this hodunk town, and there it was--a bunch of beat up cars and small town folk :)

After the derby, where we enjoyed scones (yum!), fresh glazed donuts, and a little carnival, we headed up to Brock's family's cabin.  Sandy (my mother-in-law) was there, and so we were telling her about the derby.  Turns out, she was there!  So she says, "I can't believe that number 244 (or something like that) won!  I thought number 32 should've won!" And we're like, "What? Number 11 definitely won!" We had all voted on which car would win (I voted the pink hatchback ha ha ha), but Jasmine's car ending up winning, which was definitely number 11.  Turns out we were at a completely different derby!  How the freak does that happen?! LOL!  Sandy had gone to the one in Laketown, which is way closer than driving all the way out into no-man's-land where the one we went to was. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. OH WELL! At least we had a good time!  

This is the pink chick car that I voted for!  Look, it's missing a tire! I couldn't believe how long she kept going that way! I kept thinking she was going to tip over for sure, but she kicked some butt! YOU GO GIRL!

I stole Brock's hat (which he wasn't too happy about), but the sun was just soooo bright!
We saw the weirdest thing!  People rode around on 4-wheelers with two people on them.  The person on the back had a balloon taped to their head, and they were holding bats.  They rode around and tried to hit each other's heads to pop the balloons, ba ha ha ha ha.  We got a kick out of it!
Me & Jas after the derby.  Jackson and me were cold (hence the blanket, and the big belly!)
Jasmine won a bear on a shooting game at the little carnival! WOO HOO!