Tuesday, August 24, 2010

21 Weeks!

We have passed the halfway mark! Woo-hoo! This means I can make it through the rest of the way, right?! Only 4 months and 6 days to go...

Last we week, we found out that Jackson is longer than a banana! That is pretty big! And I am REALLY big, lol!  I swear, I feel like my belly grows an inch a day! I have to bend forward to see my toes now, I can't just look down ha ha ha.

I have been having a few minor sick days the past little while.  There have been a couple of mornings where I get really dizzy, and feel like I'm either going to pass out or throw up : / Not fun!  And yesterday I felt kind of nauseous for most of the day, and into the night :( Not very good for my sleep...

I have also been getting these insane leg cramps in the middle of the night.  It's always in my calf, and it feels like I got shot (well, I imagine this is what getting shot might feel like...not that I ACTUALLY know.)  Seriously though, it hurts like no other!  I have had it happen probably 2-3 times before last night, and then while I was sleeping last night, it happened 3 times! In one night!  My neighbor said that she would get them when she was pregnant, and she got them so often that she knew how to get rid of them.  She said she would flex her foot really fast and hard, which would pop her ankle, and that cured it.  So I tried this out last night, and it worked! But, I think because I did that and didn't let the cramp run its course, it kept happening :( So I'm not sure what's worse-a whole 5 minutes of pure torture, or one-minute spurts of torture...?  All I can say is neither are very fun at all.

Also, my tailbone has been in a frenzy lately.  It is really hard to get situated in a position that doesn't hurt.  This is especially bad at work, because I sit for the majority of the day...

Anyway, enough of the bad, and on to the good!

I have been feeling little Jackson in my belly quite frequently now, which is really exciting!  It's just kind of fluttering feelings occasionally, but I know it's him in there!  It makes me have peace of mind to know that he is doing well enough to flip around and do some little tricks :) When I don't feel anything for a couple of days, I find myself getting a little worried, even though my doctor said not to.  He said I will only feel him every so often until about 24 weeks, and then I should feel him a lot more (and Brock might even be able to feel him by then too!)

Jackson even has little eyebrows, and eyelids now!  How crazy is that?!

If anyone knows of anyone who would be (or is) a good nanny, or someone who runs a daycare, I would really love to know about it!  Obviously, close to Logan is important!  I haven't quite decided what to do in this department yet...If my life were perfect, I would LOVE to stay home-I hate the thought of leaving my baby with someone I don't know, but it looks like this is just not possible right now.  So at least knowing that I am leaving him in good hands would make me feel a whole lot better!  Any suggestions would be wonderful!