Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Digi Scrapbook

This weekend consisted of a lot of digital scrapbooking, because I had nothing better to do!  I was going to have a girl's weekend up at one of my friend's cabins, but one by one each girl cancelled :( Since I was going to be out of town, Brock decided to go "scope" for elk, because the hunt starts in less than 2 months. So to make myself useful, this is what I did with my weekend!  Enjoy! P.S.  They are all photos from our honeymoon, which I am trying desperately to get caught up on.

This is the formal night they had on the cruise ship.  Brock bought me that adorable dress before we left--such a sweet husband! It was kind of fun to get dressed up to the nines!  They served of us fancy drinks (that the were on the captain, even better!), and of course a huge gourmet dinner as well.  I swear, all we did was eat on that trip!  But we just couldn't help it, the food was just soooo good! 
This was on Catalina Island, where the cruise ship dropped us off.  It was such a beautiful place!  While we were there, we went and bought miniature bottles of wine, and put them in our coffee mugs, so we wouldn't get in trouble for carrying them down the streets (tricky, tricky).  We also went and got an amazing couple's massage-so relaxing!  
This was a picture taken while we were on the little boat that took us from the cruise ship to Catalina Island.  We were so happy!  I would give anything to be back there!
We also went on a ride in a submarine while we were in Catalina.  What a fun experience!  There were lots of cool fish; the bright orange ones were definitely our favorite.  Supposedly, they are California's state fish.  Really cool!  While we were on there, we got to pay some extra money to get some fish food that burst out of the side of the submarine right by our window.  It made it so the fish swarmed everywhere, so we got to see a lot at once.  Super fun! 
The cruise ship was so huge and awesome!  It was so fun to hang out on the deck!
This is out on the deck of the cruise ship.  One day we just decided to take it easy, and sun bathe the day away!  All the drinks tasted so much better out on the ocean...ya think they did something special to them?... :) 
We could eat sushi anytime we wanted FOR FREE!  We totally took advantage of that!  We also bought plenty of Saki of course :) 
This was in Ensenada, Mexico-the other pace the cruise ship took us to.  We had an absolute blast there!  I bought that fake Dolce & Gabana purse for like $20 bucks or something-what a steal! The little markets were really fun to wander around.  Brock bought Cuban cigars, and I bought lots of jewelry.
This was another picture from the formal night.  Brock is such a stud!
Another one from formal night-yay for Screwdrivers! 
This is from Ensenda when the tour guide took us down to the beach to see the awesome Blow Hole.  It was so cool! 
The tour guide also took us to this little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that was surprisingly DELICIOUS! The guy playing the guitar was really funny!

Well, I am that much closer to being done scrapbooking the honeymoon.  I will get there at some point I'm sure! We just took SO many pictures!