Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doc Appt. #3

I had my third doc appt. today, and it went perfect!  Everything is going great inside me :) I thought for sure my doctor was going to say I was fat, and had gained way too much weight (ha ha), but he didn't! He said I was right on track.  I measured about 21 inches, which I guess is good for almost 20 weeks along, and the baby's heartbeat was beating loud & strong.

My doctor started poking at my calves & ankles, and asked if they were swelling.  I couldn't believe that he could tell!  But I totally can!  Since it's the middle of summer, I've only been wearing flip-flops, so I hadn't really noticed anything-until last week, I put on some real shoes (or attempted to) twice, and they were super snug! He said it's probably the heat that it making it so bad, and it probably doesn't help that there is no air conditioning at my work :( I hope it's not so bad in the winter, or I will definitely have to invest in some new footwear.  The sad part is that they probably won't fit anymore after I'm not pregnant.

The end of the appointment wasn't the best part.  That's where they said, "We want to take all your money." Lol.  (In a lot more words).  But hey, it'll all be worth it :)