Monday, May 31, 2010

What's been happening in our little life...

BUSY BUSY BUSY.  Work, play, work, play... At least we have a combination of the two going on :)  We're grateful for that!

Brock is now working for Sean Hokensen Construction.  For the past month, they've been framing the new beautiful condos going up by Logan River walk.  Tough work, but he's liking it.

This past Friday we went to Wendover with my parents.  Brock had never been, so it was a nice change of scenery...  Our favorite part definitely had to be the seafood buffet--delicious!  Crab has got to be up on my list of favorites!  We stayed at Montego Bay, and we were way impressed with our room!  It was super nice!  We lost everything we planned to spend, sadly (but expected).

When we came back from Wendover Saturday, we went to a BBQ in Salt Lake, and also went to visit my Grandma & Grandpa Bird, and Brock got to meet my Great Grandpa Harwood too :)  It was a PACKED weekend!  

Brock has been turkey hunting ALL month, but to no avail :(  Today is the last day, and he's planning on spending the whole day up in the Wellsvilles, so we'll see what happens.  I'm looking forward to making turkey dinner (hopefully!)

My little sister Casie graduates from high school on Wednesday, holy freak!  I can't believe how old she's getting--time flies!  So Brock and I will be taking Wednesday off work, and going to her graduation in Orem.  Then we'll be heading back down (again!) Friday to my family's house in Draper for her 18th birthday/graduation party.  

These are a couple of her senior pictures that I took.  So cute!

We've also been on the car hunt for the past couple months-UCK!  That's hard work!  So if anyone knows anyone who is selling a vehicle (preferably 4-wheel or all-wheel drive), please let us know!  Brock got in an accident in his beloved Betty Lou :(  A guy ran a stop sign, and Brock's truck pretty much ate the other guy's.  The other guy's was demolished, Brock's was salvageable, but it would be a crap load to fix, so I think we're just going to invest in something else...

We are both very ready for warm weather!  What's with all the dang rain lately?  I usually love the rain, but this is getting to be too much.  We're excited to go camping a ton this summer--so hurry up sun!  Brock's birthday was on the 18th (happy 23rd!), and I got him a tent and an air mattress, so we're gonna live it up!  Brock got to celebrate nearly all month long.  My family took us out to dinner for my mom and his birthday's, a week or so before his birthday...Then on his birthday we went to dinner with his family, and did strawberry shortcake and presents at our house...Then we went to Wendover this weekend, which was still kind of a little add-on to his birthday fun!  Lucky boy!

Randy and Sandy (Brock's parents) ran a full marathon in Ogden about a month ago.  They did so awesome!  I can't believe people can run that many miles without thinking twice.  They totally rock!  We went down and watched them finish, and then went to lunch afterwords.  It was a fun time. 

Well, that's about the extent of our little lives lately!