Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Updates & everything else happening with us!

Interesting things I'm going through: I have been craving pickles and anything potato-mashed, scalloped,fries,baked,funeral...oh funny story-I had to go buy pickles, and when I got home from the grocery store, guess what I did! Dropped the plastic bag with the whole jar of pickles in it right on my tile floor! Shattered everywhere :-( I am also losing a lot of hair. I mean I have a lot of hair as it is, so I usually lose a pretty good amount, but now its gotten so much worse! This weeek alone, I have clogged the vacuum (which my wonderful hubby fixed yesterday), and also clogged the shower! My friend said the same thing happened to her when she was pregnant, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much. I still don't want chicken. At all. Ever. For a while I wanted no meat, but now its just chicken-kind of sad really. I usually love chicken!

As for what's happening with Brock and I, we are just loving life. Tonight we are headed up to Bear Lake for Raspberry Days, which is always a good time. Heard there is going to be dancing, lots of yummy food, and of course the all famous raspberry shakes! We are staying at Brock's family's cabin, and they'll be up there too which should be fun! Right now I'm patiently waiting for Brock to get home from work, which is seeming like an ultra long time, but i'm sure that's just because I am excited.

The weeks keep flying faster for both of us. People always say the older you get the faster the time flies, and I guess this is the truth! It seems like each week is getting faster and faster. It does it even seem like it should be Friday yet!

Brock has been very busy at work and has been getting off pretty late everyday, but we can't complain, because we love the overtime! I have also still been working. We've slowed down for the summer at the roasting plant, because people don't drink quite as much coffee in the summers as they do in the winter. But that doesn't mean a cut in hours, which is good? Ha ha, just kidding (kind of) about the question mark.

I don't know if I mentioned that Brock is now working for Birchcreek Landscape Excavation, and he loves it! He is doing about the same job here as he did for the city, which he always enjoyed. I mean what boy doesn't like playng in the dirt? ;) He gets to drive big track hoes, back hoes, and a brand spankin' new Peter Built! So he is just loving every minute of it!