Saturday, September 4, 2010

More scrapping!

All honeymoon pages...almost done! 

This was at this little bar in Ensenada.  It was $5 for two Coronas, and two shots of tequila!  Not anywhere in the U.S. could you find that! We had to drink them as fast as we could while this Mexican guy blew a whistle.  It was really fun! 
This was right before we went on the submarine on Catalina Island.  The submarine was pretty cool, it was half above water, and half under. So we could see all the fish, but we could also go stand on the top deck.
Shopping in Mexico was a blast! Coconut, jewelry, hats, cigars, sunglasses, purses, illegal prescriptions (haha, we didn't buy any of these, but they sure tried to sell them to us!)...
The blow hole in Mexico was really amazing to see!  We went on a bus with a tour guide (where we met all these fun people who we spent the rest of our day with.) The blow hole is natural marine geyser that shoots water over 60 feet in the air! La Bufadora is the second largest marine geyser in the world, next to the one in Oahu, Hawaii. It's caused by ocean waves being forced into a partially submerged sea cavern, causing great amounts of air and water pressure to build. The air and ocean water are expelled through the only exit, launching it several stories into the air.