Wednesday, September 22, 2010

25 Weeks! & Other Fun Things...

So we have passed the 6 month mark, and into the 3rd tri I go! Jackson is kicking and kicking and kicking...maybe he'll be a kick boxer someday? ;) I am loving feeling him in there though!

I read yesterday that if I could see into my belly, Jackson now has enough hair that I could tell what color it is!  I am so curious to see what our beautiful baby boy will look like!  Brock and I have voted that hopefully he gets Brock's ears, because lets face it, Brock has good ears, and mine, well, we don't even want to talk about mine...And hopefully he gets my nose, because apparently that's my best feature.  I remember one time when I was probably 15, and me and all my little girldfriends were out to lunch.  We started having this conversation about what we liked about each others features and what we didn't like (big mistake!)  I haven't been able to forget what people said about me my whole life!  Of course the bad things are always easier to remember than the good (sadly!)... But I do remember one good thing, and it was just my nose. Ha ha. I used to be pretty disappointed that that was the only good feature I had back then ha ha.

Jackson now weighs about a pound and a half, and is approx. 13 1/2 inches long.  Apparently he weighs as much as a rutabaga (whatever that is!)  I googled it, and this is the picture that came up.  Never seen one in my life!

I am feeling huger and huger! And am obviously looking that way too!  Brock says that if he sees me from behind he can't even tell that I am prego, but then when I turn to the side, it's like WA-BANG! Lol.

Brock and I have been trying to stay busy, and have some fun with each other (and our friends!) before the baby gets here.  Last Friday Jas & I got together and made delicious fruity dessert crepes!  They were soooo good! Nothing beats Nutella, cream cheese, powdered sugar, kiwis, and strawberries! And Saturday we went to another demolition derby, but this one was in Logan, and it was way bigger than the last one we went to!  It was a double date with our friends Jasmine & Bryce (who we love!)

Sunday, we were big bums and just lounged around the entire day.  I think Brock didn't even get out of bed until 2:30 pm! He's been working really hard though, so he deserves it!